How to best use table lamps?

How to best use table lamps?

Table lamps, basic or extravagant looking, small sized or major ones, allow to light up specific corners of a room: for this reason, they are often pictured onto workbenches, office desks, reading corners, and close to all those spaces in which manual precise labors - such as sewing, puzzling, DIY works, and everything in between – are carried out and need perfect visibility.
How to use them best?
Just keep in mind that each table lamp can satisfy three different necessities!

1 – LIGHT UP: first and most clear of them all. We choose this kind of element when we need to enlighten in a direct and reliable way a limited space. It is very important to choose first which type of lighting we want (warm or balanced? Soft or with a higher intensity?) and which kind of lamp we may be in need.
Some are very “flexible” and can be lifted or bent down, others are adjustable and may allow you to set the light based upon your necessities, and more are equipped with additional accessories (e.g. magnifying lens) to fulfill precision tasks. The choice starts always by understanding what, how and why we want to lighten up something!

2 – DECORATE: each table lamp has a its own style. It could be round, metal framed, minimalistic looking. Various model have wood structural parts, others have a vintage feeling perfect to contrast ultra contemporary home decors, and they even exist with glass bodies representing proper masterpieces.
No need to say: these specific styles have to be combined in the right way in the right environment, and only then they will help and contribute to create that long sought flawless atmosphere for our rooms.

3 – COMMUNICATE: there are lamps modeled with neons, ones which come with lighting boards on top of which you may write your own bright messages.
This is a new entry of these past years, which allows to transform a very still object in an instrument to pass along positivity through clear and direct notes to whomever comes and find us!

How to aesthetically increase the beauty of you table lamp? Easy said, easy done: add a touch of colour by combining the support structure to coloured electrical cables!
Our catalogue is rich of alternatives, by browsing among all the fabrics, colour shades, and patterns you'll find the ideal one to bright up your lighting decorations!

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