Our coloured electrical cables: shades

Our coloured electrical cables: shades

Browsing our coloured electrical cables catalogue is possible to surf around different groups of shades. Through our main menu you may choose between twelve primary colours, such as orange, light blue, white, blue, yellow, grey, brown, black, pink, red, green and purple; combinations and matches which are available are infinite though!

Each colour has many shades, running from light to darker ones, to pop tones: orange, for example, is offered in apricot, copper and rust shades; yellow has a range from mustard to neon to gold (even dark gold!); blue may be light blue, royal blue and night blue for a refined look; purple presents lilac, Lakers dark purple, and lavender tone; green comes with hunter green, forest green, vintage shade, aquamarine and emerald.
Some others colours, also, are displayed with their “natural” version: white and brown are often not treated in cotton or linen or juta fabrics, and allow you to use them in rural environment taking advantage of their original elegance and charm.

Furthermore, beside the shades of each colour possible choice, our catalogue offers you the capability to choose the style you desire for your spaces. Boho Chic, Contemporary, Nautical, Country, Minimal, Vintage, Country Chic, Shabby Chic and Industrial: for each of them the pattern or the colours combinations change and the visual effect is astonishing and original each time, suitable for the right environment and home décor.
Very versatile are the glossy and shiny effect fabrics of our best seller cables, and the metal covered ones as well!

Our coloured electrical cables are adaptable to every need you may arise. In modern style shops, for private homes chic and refined; for multicolour options or solid colour safety; to be used in accordance with pendant lights that catch the eye, or for minimalistic table lamps that refine the environment. BRAIDESIGN catalogue offers the perfect alternative, with high quality textile fabric covered cables, to be customized as you please.

Want to create your cable from scratch?
Try out our new Customizer: you’ll be given the chance to choose each detail, from pattern, to fabric, to colours!

Come play with our catalogue and let the magic rainbow inspire you!

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