Christmas lights: festive decors!

Christmas lights: festive decors!

Christmas time is dealt with very different spirits by all kinds of people: someone becomes the Grinch and refuses to talk about it, some others preserve sobriety and elegance and start decorating with minimal pieces to not transform their homes in kitch exploit of lights, and the majority just goes with the flow turning each room in a Santa Claus little village.
As we may figure it out, to the first group Christmas lights have no appeal at all, but for the rest of them it takes a big importance in the décor department of their environments. Let’s see how it’s done!

  • Theme lights for a fun outcome: stars, gift boxes, bows, and snowmen… so many bright alternatives to enter in the Christmas spirit and light up with originality, also creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere. How to do it? Choose the cable that best express your passion this time of the year and wrap it around your Christmas tree for a magic effect, on your house threshold for a homey feeling, or on your terrace’s railing for a more spectacular show!
  • Light and wood mix for a cozy home: this type of match is always effective and also evocative, it express best the typical warmth of Christmas time. Tiny boxes for spicy scented candles, light covered trees, centerpieces made of LED lights to bright up your dinners: combining materials and colours is easy and enhances every environment!
  • Dancing lights for the kids: projectors, available for inner and outer spaces, have an enormous charm on our tiny humans, but on adults as well! Place them at the center of a room and they will play stories on all the walls and ceiling of your house entertaining even your grandma in the magic night of Christmas!
  • Coloured pendant light for a wonderful look: pendant lights, we already talked about it, may transform every room, adding direct light on precise spots, and enhancing the home décor with that essential touch creating a huge style effect. If composed by using our coloured electrical cable, they can really adapt to all year time periods, and to every need you have!

Bright LED lights, romantic lighting curtains, small light spots placed in those perfect cozy corners of the house, pendants to add a charming touch to the décor: Christmas time allows "soft" décor lovers and mad-funny lighting seekers to turn their houses in a warm and welcoming environment for all family and friends!

How did you decorate your home for this festive month of the year?

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