BRAIDESIGN lights you up

BRAIDESIGN is the product of imaginative and curious minds, design and technologically skilled, ready to dive into new adventures every day. We are specialised in lighting electric cables and accessories. Our passion is our mantra. Young and fresh, but with clear ideas, BRAIDESIGN presents you a collection of textile fabric covered lighting cables never seen before, sprinkled with well-thought new textures to offer you the largest and the most colourful range of furniture pieces for your homes. Modern and refined add-ons complete the package, allowing you to choose between hundreds of items to design your own lamp, originally customized all by yourself.
Our strength is our passion: we produce our cables in-house, we study every combo thinking of you, to put into our catalogue only our best product we’re sure you’ll love. Working at 360°, we take care of each and every step of the way, from birth to delivery of your desired goods. The fabrics choice, the colours combination originating in new patterns, the design of new accessories and ready-to-go kit, the attention in the packaging and our customer care, are everyday main tasks we keep to heart to deliver outstanding results. Our goal is your satisfaction: we are committed every day to enlighten your world. Selecting high quality first raw materials and keeping elevated our safety standards, and the products’ validations and regulations on point, we are sure to offer you always the best solution on the market.

BRAIDESIGN is unconventional

Your fantasy is our fun: BRAIDESIGN CUSTOM gives you the chance to unleash your creativity, allowing you to choose each and every particular component of your design lamp. Start with the colour range you like best, match it to the rest till the very end with a plug to power up your imagination. We will gather all the items you want and build up your fantasy lamp. But remember, the last word is up to you: don’t miss any fun! We will always offer you the possibility, if you’ll take it, to build your lamp from bottom to top with our DIY kit. Each time the outcome is one of a kind and only high quality items and of excellent manufacture will light up your spaces. Allow us with the pleasure of crafting the object of your desires.
You are the energy instigators: we aspire to broadcasting our lighting collections out to the world, to let everyone of you furnish your environment with personalised items. Your safety is very important to us, and for this reason we acted, filmed and uploaded funny tutorial videos to teach you the easiest, quicker, and safer way to assembly your DIY lamp with almost any hassle. Our catalogue is made thinking of you. Architects and designers will have the chance to finally comply with all those extravagant demanding clients, pleasing them with outstanding products. Our resellers may offer affordable, functional and high quality products. Our company is seriously committed on offering manufacture certified products complying with all up-to-date European regulations. A high level proposal of unique design available to everyone.



Our offices shine with our vision and our products. The aim was to surround us of our most loved elements, being wrapped up in their warmth and pleasantly lights up our work space. Did you imagine us not giving the first example on how to use our products in a creative way? Sophisticated to the bone, we designed a fine environment, milky white walls and furnishing alike. Enclosed in a pure cloud, every day we work energetically under a bundle of bright colours and impressive pendants which help us being creative and original to design and improve our ideas offering you always the best range of items possible.


As Walt Disney once said “doing the impossible is almost funny”. Here, where infinite coloured braid are born, it is where the magic happens and fun starts. Powerful machines, unique and fascinating – even though a bit noisy – transform into reality all our ideas, from the easy ones to the more originals, going through those lucky combinations born casually and those which were specially-made blending exceptional materials and aesthetic. The outcome is outstanding. High quality fabrics marks BRAIDESIGN textile fabric covered lighting cables, ready in such a short span of time to reach your home or office and make you wish to have more.


Long dark aisles, high shelves racks stuffed with abandoned dusty boxes. Here this is not our case! Slim and user-friendly our logistic location, assembly and photographic areas, are organized in the best way possible to help us keep everything under control, accessible and handy. We gave them names too. Any doubt on our extravagance? BRAIDESIGN values all: Consuelo, Felipe, and Pedro are no less of important. You can dream peacefully from here on out: speed, efficiency, and value to the single are our identifying key words in all operations to process your order. You will not have to wait long to see it glow in your house.





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