Round lighting cable covered in textile cotton fabric solid colour natural

Our electrical cables fabric coated in natural cotton are the perfect fit for whom is looking for warm shades and pastel colours. Pleasing to the touch consistency and optimal flexibility make them perfect to decor any location, from classical to contemporary ones, adapting to more rural spaces when needed.
Define the style of your environments with original products, 100% made in Italy.

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Nr. internal conductors
Availability date: 2018-05-23
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BRAIDESIGN electrical cables covered in textile fabric are 100% made in Italy, produced with certified IMQ-HAR double insulated cables, with 2 or 3 conductors of 0.75mm² average section, following all Italian and European regulations. Ideal for lamps and pendant, to give new life to an old table lamp or to create fabulous design compositions.
BRAIDESIGN's coatings range catalogue is the widest on the web, in which you will find the perfect cable to enhance your space.
The great array of colours in our GLOSSY AND SHINY fabric allows you to choose the right cable for your needs, to bring the light elegantly and originally wherever you want.
The warmth of our eco-friendly cables covered in 100% NATURAL fabric, such as cotton, linen and juta, is designed to adapt to locations looking for neutral or dim colours, always adding charm and grace, adapting to more rustic environments when needed.
Our METAL lighting cables can be picked out between a thousand, textured with a smooth red or tinplated copper helix. Unique contrasts blended into one element: brightness and camouflage ability, strong but minimalistic personality, a perfect match to your home or office spaces that could use an extra kick.

The electrical cable becomes a design! Lights up your spaces with a fresh style.

Please note: for orders higher than 50mt the preparation and shipping time may be extended. In the order process it will be communicated the potential new delivery date.

Product Details

Data sheet

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Coating fabric
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Lighting cable
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Solid colour
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Country, Country Chic, Shabby Chic
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Internal electric cable
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Internal electric cable insulation
Double insulation
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2x0.75mm² o 3x0.75mm²
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CEI EN 50525-2-11
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